April 11, 2011

The Universe's endless generosity...

Amidst the chaos of all that's left for me to do before heading to the Yukon, I needed to make time to write about ALL the wonderful things that are happening to me on a daily basis. I share the following with hopes of inspiring those who may read this to quiet the mind, listen to the heart and trust that things DO happen for a reason. The sooner we open our eyes to the wonders this life has to offer, the sooner we will get to enjoy it and have fun...

I cannot recall exactly when these series of events and synchronizations started unfolding into daily chain reactions, mainly cause time has become somewhat obscure and I can't seem to keep track of it. What I can do, however, is give you an example of what a day in my life is like. These are the events of the day 11/04/11...

My day began at eight in the morning when my subconscious mind realized the alarm clock hadn't gone off at 6.30 as it should have; which meant I was late for class AGAIN. It was my last class as a Ryerson student. I am officially DONE -and late!

After chatting for a bit with the substitute teacher for the day, my co-worker, friend and inspiration Melanie McBride, I realized I had to find the motivation to do my work for the course. Beads for Beds has taken over my life, or better said, I have made my life all about Beads for Beds and I'm driven to make things happen. The downside (if it is a downside) is that I cannot focus on anything else. I spent most of my day thinking on how to make the website better, get funding, promote, develop future projects, etc., etc., etc. And nothing else seems to matter...

What we discussed was simply that I needed to find a way to relate my work in class with Beads for Beds, so that I'm motivated to do it. I decided to go to the library and grab some books on children and technology and seat down to do the work. But when I walked inside the library, I got a feeling I would run into Uma, cuteness of a guy I met last week while selling jewelry on campus. I went to the 10th floor, picked up my first book, down to the 8th, picked up the second and run into a guy both Uma and I knew. For some reason, this was a confirmation I was indeed going to run into him at some point in the next hour.

I went downstairs to the library's lobby, checked out my books and decided to go have lunch. As I was leaving the building my instinct told me to go to the financial aid's office instead and take care of a pending credit. When this thought crossed my mind I knew I would run into Uma who would be buying coffee at the Starbucks near the office. Was this a prediction? I'm not sure. But as I finished my business at the office and walked down the corridor, there he was.

It's not like he hangs out there all the time. Well, I can't really say cause I met him on campus only once; but I just knew. So we greeted each other and walked together back to the library entrance where I realized I had no idea why I was following him. We then made plans to have lunch together and parted ways until later.

I went to my office and started writing my take home exam but soon enough I got distracted thinking I had to buy my ticket to the Yukon. After much browsing I concluded it was better to fly on my way there so I could start work sooner. I could take the train on the way back and save money this way. After comparing prices, I found a Western Jet seat sale from Toronto to Vancouver and another from North Air from Vancouver to Whitehorse. I spent a total of $554 one way. I though to myself: "it will come back, somehow..." and sent out my intention to the Universe.

At 3pm I met Uma for lunch, who after a series of failed attempts to meet each other ended up having lunch on his own and keeping me company while I ate. We had a pleasant conversation and briefly discussed the power of the mind, amongst other things. I went back to my office and tried to do work but again my mind was drifting.

At 5pm I got on the subway excited to go to my yoga class but was disappointed to find there was not too much space to actually take the class. I decided to leave half way through. As I walked home, I saw my friend Yoser on the corner of King and Dufferin but he was too far away to notice me coming his way. Standing on the corner waiting to cross the street I could feel the wind blowing as the storm was brewing. I was experiencing that unique sensation you get just before it starts pouring. There's a buildup on the air which creates a tension you can feel crawling under your skin. A beautiful calmness at the verge of breaking...

Mesmerized by the grey sky about to fall down, I entered the building, checked my mail and found only one envelope in my box. It was screaming to get opened. The envelope was from Ryerson University and as I teared it apart, I could see the numbers five, five, three... a cheque for a total amount of $553.67 (you can go up a couple of paragraphs an double-check what the price of my plane ticket was)

If you think this is were the day ends, you are WRONG. For the last week, I've been thinking I should put an event together to fundraise for my plane ticket to Kenya and keep promoting Beads for Beds. I don't have a venue or much time to promote it but I made a mental note that I could make it happen before leaving to the Yukon on May 10th. Well, guess what? As I read my e-mails, I find one from the owner of El Mocambo offering me the venue for Friday May 7th -exactly one year since I jumped on a plane to Kenya for the first time.

How can all this be happening? Is it me? Am I thinking too hard? Is it the Universe and its infinite generosity? I feel I'm going to explode with happiness and gratefulness. Is overwhelming! What I can make out of all of these is that I AM ON THE PATH I SHOULD BE... otherwise, all this shit wouldn't be happening, right?

Oh, the guy I saw on the street earlier, Yoser, just called me. It's been month since I last heard of him... another "coincidence"... and no, he didn't see me on the street.

Cheers to a wonderful LIFE!