September 18, 2009

Wait until tomorrow goes away

I know... I know... It's been so long since my last entry... But come on!! so much has been happening... is quite hard to keep up with EVERYTHING I need, want or have to do. However, I do have a lot of writings that have not yet been transcribed, therefore even when it may seem that I haven't actually sat down and write in 3 months, that is definetely not the case. With my return to Toronto, and everything that Toronto entails, I haven't made the time to seat down and type what I've written on my book. I will do that soon. It's a promise to myself...

In the meantime, there's something I really want to put down TODAY. It's the lyrics of a song by Delta Spirit, and it's very much what's going on with me at this very moment. It goes like this:

Every time I see you
it gets a little worse
Perhaps things are getting better,

but how can one be so sure?
So I will take it slowly

so that I can rest assure
Wait until tomorrow goes away.

In the evening when I wake up

I would love to hear you say,
Ooooh, oooh, oooooh
Wait until tomorrow goes away.
Oh, wait until tomorrow goes away.
Wait until tomorrow goes away.

What does this mean?
I think that it refers to letting go of the notion of tomorrow. Cause when you let go of "tomorrow" you can live freely and fully TODAY...

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