October 12, 2009

One paragraph

"I want to challenge the traditional way we look at Art in the gallery/museum setting. With my piece, I intend to break the boundaries between the work and the audience by making the canvas more of an interactive object rather than something to look at from a certain distance."

Passive viewer vs. active participant

The difference between traditional gallery space and my piece is not only the distance between audience and art work being breached, but also what's presented as final piece. While in the gallery we are presented with a final version of a process, I intend to present the process itself to pose the question of originality and finality.


Every where I look I see signs of fear and discontent. There's a lack of faith for the future, in the air; nothing but hopelessness in people's faces. Every corner I turn, I come across some sign warning us about the end of the world... is this the apocalypse? People walk around the city in a completely inward motion. Once in a while, someone will smile back at me, but it doesn't happen often. I look for eye contact as I walk down the street but most people are either looking down, or immersed in their cell phones or staring right ahead, into nothingness.

Fear, indifference, ignorance... all of these are holding human beings back from self-awareness (which eventually turns into AWARENESS of what surrounds us) We need to become aware to understand the world we live in and those who live in this world with us. We need to grow out of our shells to be able to take responsibility for our own actions, therefore for our own fate.

As it is, it seems we are indeed at the verge of civilization's collapse. Every notion we have established as the "true grounds" for human evolution, is now being shaken from its core. Every social concept established in the last 100 years needs to be re-thought, needs to be broken up, cause I think it no longer applies to modern times. The system imposed is falling apart, crumbling into a pile of dust. It's like an aging tree that has now died and needs to be removed entirely from its roots, in order to allow the recovery of a malnourished soil and the planting of new seeds. Chopping the tree down in pieces is doing nothing but further poisoning every possibility of re-birth; every possibility of a new Earth emerging from its ashes. We need to BE the change before we are consumed by our own fire.

The imagery used in my final piece will simbolize the changes we are going through, both physically and spiritually. I plan not to think what I draw, but rather allow for the illustration to manifest itself. These are the first sketches:

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