September 26, 2010

Beads for Beds

So the dream is suddenly becoming alive and all it took is effort, will and passion. I'm tired and busy like I've never been in my life but I see everything unfolding in such a magnificent way that I can't really stop now, it'd be stupid...

Beads for Beds... the idea was born in the plane on my way back from Kenya. I knew I wanted to give back to the Dago community in a bigger way than my month as a volunteer with ASB. They had given me so much in so little time, it was a humble feeling of gratitude my motivator to do something for them. My friend Miranda and I shared our feelings about the need we felt of doing something. Pole pole (like they'd say in Kenya) ideas started flowing, it was a long flight and being just the two of us, it didn't take much to make the agreement of starting making bracelets. Originally, we wanted to make the kind of bracelets we saw all over in Mombasa, the thick beaded ones, usually with writing on it. A friend we made in Lamu, taught Miranda how to make them and we thought it was a smart idea. I realized I had a full box of beads at home, that have been carrying around for 13 years, finally I had found an use.

Later on, we both realized that neither of us was good at making these bracelets and it would probably take us an hour to make one piece. It wasn't cost effective. So, we decided to go ahead and start making whatever came in mind. With some inventory, it was a matter of getting a spot at Ryerson to start selling Beads for Beds. Then everything just started happening, the doors were quite open, and obvious indication that we could make it happen if we truly believed in it.

It's been almost four months since the idea of fundraising for Dago was planted in my head. In this time I have met MANY people that are facilitating the growth of this dream. I wish I had less things to do to dedicate more energy to this project but I know that soon enough, when school is done, I will be able to put much more energy into making this happen. I just need to be patient...

I'm super excited for the party on Thursday, and a bit nervous too. Will it be a success? By success I mean people actually showing up. I would Love to fundraise enough money to get Beads for Beds registered. That's my next goal. Together with a bigger event at Lula... yes... I'm gonna make this happen, no matter what. Well, that's it for now. It's midnight and I'm still hungover from last night. I need to sleep. At least I got this done. Yay! No more procrastination... and that's a promise!

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