December 8, 2010

In memory of Cristina Taborda

A friend died today... she didn't wake up from her sleep... she was one of the most beautiful souls I've ever met... always smiling, always laughing, so light she would lift you up. Last night, she fell asleep and never woke up.

I feel a knot in my stomach... a mixture of sadness for such a loss and happiness for such a life. We take so much for granted, unaware of how ephemeral are nature is. One day you may not wake up, you may be caught up in dreams... caught in between moments that will make you eternal. Death makes the clock stop. Everything suddenly stops. You become more aware of life... maybe that's the whole purpose of Death. Be aware... don't get caught up... life can easily slip through your fingers when you least expect it.

I run into Cristina two days ago. She was smiling as always. We started talking about my event and how excited we both were that it was happening. I thank her one more time, because it was her idea after all. We made plans to get together before I leave for Kenya but today I found out she never woke up this morning; her status on Facebook read:

This Cristina's Mom writing, I am truly sorry to tell you that Cristina did not wake up from her sleep yesterday. We hope to know later today what happened to her. She lived a beautiful life, full of love, music and joy and with the blessing of having so many friends. We miss her tremendously and are still in shock. But she was a beautiful person and will continue to touch us with her smile and laughter.

After the initial shock all I could think was that she died a peaceful death... I wonder what she was dreaming about that she was so compelled to stay there... she was probably singing or laughing... or both. Maybe surrounded by mermaids, or running across a sunflower field. I can see her... always in a good mood; always so contagious.

in its house,
a window.
sunny outside.
Go run,
break free.
Love you.
Love me.
We are nothing but,
almost everything and.
Life is truly appealing.
a reminder;
a broken clock.
Makes you forget
what you try too hard to remember.
Wake up from your sleep,
the sun shinning
brightens up your face.
Look out the window,
I'm waiting.
She's waiting.
Death is
but an endless dream...

Thank you Cristina for being you, it was a pleasure and an honor to have met you and I will sing and dance even more... in your memory...

Love you!

Your friend...

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  1. Perfectly put... and yet, my dominant emotion, apart from sorrow - is anger. That someone so vital, so gentle, so sweet was taken far too soon. I was probably one of the oldest friends she had (I'm well into my 70s) and I miss her youth and energy and sheer LIFE. I'm so happy, though, that we were friends. The front bar at the Cameron when Jadea is playing won't be the same without Cristina...