March 23, 2010

META Show @ Arta Gallery. April 8th-10th, 2010

META is an annual exhibition that showcases the thesis works of graduating students from the New Media program at Ryerson University. The exhibition provides a platform for emerging artists to display their innovative and experimental works to Toronto’s arts community.

Finally, after 8 months of production, my baby is coming out to the world!!

My piece will be showcased at the META exhibit @ Arta Gallery (55 Mill St - Distillery District)

April 8th: 4 - 9PM Opening Night
April 9th & 10th: 11AM - 6PM


“Performance is the surest means of disrupting a complacent public” (RoseLee Goldberg)

Complacency has always concerned me; we cannot grow as individuals unless we step out of our comfort zone. In North America we have become too comfortable as part of an economic system that can no longer sustain itself. Not only it has devoured two thirds of the planet and induced extreme inequality around the world, it is also rapidly eating away our humane qualities. We are constantly being bombarded with implicit messages that happiness can only be achieved through consumption. At the end of the day we make so many sacrifices to satisfy these created wants that we end up loosing ourselves in the process.

The Consumer Care Machine is a kinetic sculpture/performance piece that reflects upon the loss of human values required to sustain the economic system of the 21st century. The machine as a metaphor mocks the decay of the human spirit when engulfed by the endless cycle of overwork, mass consumption and automatization. In times of corporate imperialism, society is being sold into a process that is in the end isolating and distracting from our true needs as individuals and as a collective.

IUTU Corporations –my fictional firm- has developed the Consumer Care Machine, an incongruously transformed office cubicle with a built-in conveyor belt. Inside, the performer as employee runs the machine analyzing participants’ data and returning personalized products. “Prospective customers” undertake a series of steps enabling the machine to identify needs and satisfy them to the best of its abilities. Self-reflection upon personal goals and an understanding of the system will be rewarded with a humane response.

In this fast-paced society our human values are getting lost. We ourselves are becoming machines, programmed by a bigger and more powerful one. We are being trained to stay in the cubicle, follow protocols and sell our freedom to buy our “happiness”. We are complacent with what is being imposed to and the real cost is our time for enjoyment. But aren't WE the ones who control this machine?

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