May 4, 2009

I am Alive

May 1st

Today is a beautiful day AGAIN. Thank you God, thank you Universe, thank you Holly Spirit and Mother Earth. Thank you, cause since Monday it has been quite shitty... quite dark and cold... quite LONESOME. But today is truly beautiful. The sun is shinning, the grass seems greener... I feel alive again. I've been almost dead inside, these entire week. I went to a scary place. A place I haven't been in 5 months. Today I'm back. Today I celebrate life. I celebrate that I am indeed alive, that I can breathe, that I am free. I celebrate my friends, my acquaintances and even those who don't like me that much, cause they push me to be a better person. I celebrate love in all its shapes and sizes; in all its forms and expressions. I celebrate people and I celebrate children in particular, because of their joy, their purity, their free-spirit. Whenever I feel down, it is always a kid's smile that reminds me how beautiful life is when contemplation exists only from the eyes of innocence...

The cycle of life,
smiling at me...
Baby cries,
I cry...
And the tears nourish the soil in which I stand.
My feet are wet,
but I can feel them.
My soul is full
and I can feel it too.
Your hands are cold...
let me warm them,
let me hold them,
cause you are too beautiful to be cold.
I love it when you laugh,
cause you are full of life;
even when you seem lost.
Bicycles, trees and apple juice.
Run, walk, stand still.
I just want to see you smile again.
Flowers, birds and butterflies.
Look at the distance between us,
is there any?
Red shoes and salty cheeks,
come with me,
I will show you what is like
to live in between rainbows...

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