May 27, 2009

Can it get ANY better??

May 10 @ the subway

I'm on the subway on my way to the cemetery where Mr. Mozart and Mr. Bethoveen live. Blaaaah! I'm kind of tired, might be because I slept two hours only AGAIN. I went out till 7am but it was completely worth it, obviously... Allow me to rewind a bit. After the inspiring visit to the MOMUK, I was on my way to feed myself when I hearda familiar beat playing loudly near by. It is my nature to be attracted to Electrohouse, so I let my ear guide me through the streets of Vienna until the sound became louder and louder, just around the corner. I turned that corner, driven by curiosity and excitement and I see, a hundred meters away, what appears to be a caravan of colorful trucks, the ones used for parades with big speakers and people dancing on them. I got closer, looked at the crowd and found my kind of people dancing to the beat. A street party! Yes! How fantastic! Dreadlocks, Hindu skirts, tattoos, sunglasses and beer cans. Some few tourists –you can always identify them amongst the crowd, wearing their cameras as necklaces. Police surrounding the area, to keep the crowd in one specific area. As I get inside the "party zone" I see signs everywhere "Legalize it" Wait, is it April 20? What's going on here? My pocket camera was on my hand, asking to be used, so I filmed a bit. Twenty minutes earlier I decided to put away my Canon cause it was demanding too much attention. But hell, this was truly deserving of it. On one of the trucks I see people smoking from a giant, collective joint. The thing was huge. Maybe 60cm long by 5cm in diameter, approximately. I’m not sure. Keep in mind I arrived when the party was almost over, so I have no idea what its original dimensions could have been. Yes, I took some amazing pictures, put the camera away and became part of it all. I danced till the trucks honked goodbye.

May 11 @ some Platz - noon

So as not to confuse the reader, I will clarify that I had to get off the subway, so I couldn’t really finish my last entry. I’m currently sitting at a nice bench, in the botanical gardens and was hoping to have some quiet time and catch up with my writing. However, two women just sat down next to me and they DO NOT stop talking!! "shazenjazen shitzee warten guten abend suban empujen estrujen bajen... bla bla blaaa"* I guess I will continue walking, I only have 4 more hours left before going to the airport. So maybe I could have some nice lunch, somewhere around Stephenplatz and hopefully write some more.*this is what German sounds like to me.

Around 4pm

Now I’m at a park next to the Opera. Lots of "bohemios" which means I’m once again amongst my kind. I recognize some faces from the "Hemp Parade". Nah, seriously... this is the same crowd. Now let me write about the thought-driven occurrence of the day. The interesting thing is that a week or so ago, I thought of the butterfly house my grandmother used to take my cousins and I on a regular basis. I loved that place! I was always fascinated by their beauty and now that I'm older, by the metaphoric state of being of the "Schmetterling" -I have to use my German, right?- So a week ago, I kind of wished I could go once again to this place and well... if you know me a bit by now, you can imagine what has happened. Yes, during my last hours in Vienna, walking around without a specific direction, I found this park, walked through it and on the other side I see a big sign that reads: Schmetterlinghaus. I went in, happy as a child, full of excitement and joy as my wish was being granted. I could have definitely stayed in there the whole afternoon. Butterflies, so many of them. Making the most beautiful dances on mid air with each other. They truly fill me with joy and I can't help but smiling each time I see butterflies...I can't really write properly right now, there's too much going on around me at the moment. But there is one thought I do need to put down NOW, before it goes away or changes into something else... I feel energized. This trip was exactly what I needed. I feel that some of my life objectives, if not THE life objective, are clearer now. I think I've figured it out... It's not discipline that I lack; it's not even the fact that I'm too inconsistent and I get bored quite easily. What I need to set straight is my sense of priority. No, that's not even the right word. It's how I use my energy; where and how I focus it. How I use my time, what do I focus my mind on. I begin to understand that what occupies my mind constantly can no longer be. I'd be a fool if having realized what I did this weekend, I throw it all away when I get back to Stuttgart. This is what I propose myself to do: LESS PARTY, LESS ROMANTICISM AND MORE USE OF MY TALENT. Hold on a minute. Don't I have talent for parties and flirting? Well, maybe tone it down a bit. Some is good, too much can be addictive. And I think it's time for me to do rehab.

To create... To live of NOW... To imagine a future, but without expectations... To be... pure... as light... To be me, even when it feels terribly wrong... Just be... Just breathe...


  1. Agata, your stories are very inspiring and touching. I wish I could share with you all those exciting adventures. I have a dream; you are my dream. I miss you...
    Your secret lover...

  2. Thank you very, very much Secret Lover...