April 14, 2009

Strange what desire can make foolish people do

April 11th, 22:15hs - At the hostel in Bodensee

A bit drunk, with the two boys -Aldo and Joonas- writing pieces of what I hear and filling the blanks with my own thought process:

So, is there anybody in here?
He sneezes as the other sips his rum.
-Coke- he asks.
-In your nose- he replies coldly.
I hate it, I hate it.
This is worse than the Mexican!
The coke goes in...
Pouring me, pouring you...
Bad luck!
Then he burps twice to keep the peace.
-May I put some orange juice? he asks shyly.
But he's definitely not embarrassed to put his dirty finger in my cup.
Lime, lemons and shlampes.
You already know that something really mean will happen to those nasty grannies...
Die shlampe und die fatze.
Is like mushy but worse.
Your woman is silent.
Today is the 11th, my cumplemes.
It's Okay. Everything will be O.K.
I would like to show you,
would you like to see?
Across the road there is a bad place.
But here,
there's nothing.
Here, there, something might exist.
As of now, is just a simple "WHY NOT?"

PS: Shut your PS!!!

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