March 18, 2009

I can't ask for more

Another day. Another fabulous day... It seems to me that each day keeps getting better and better.

Today I was late for my class, as I set my alarm clock for 8PM instead of AM. Luckily, my biological clock still works quite properly and sensing the lateness, I jumped out of bed, showered and ran to school to attend my first Studioproduktion class.

At first, I was intimidated by all the people in the classroom. How and who to approach? But the "fear" was quickly overcame by a sense of trust. I have seen myself here before... it feels right. I sat on a corner and observed the classroom. On one side, computers -10 or so. Six students were leaning over one monitor and discussing something in German. In the middle of the room, another group of students were talking on a couch. To my left, a bar. YES, a bar. It had an espresso machine and everything! Lots of colorful posters on the wall, people dispersed around the room, big windows and lots of chatting.

Prof. Shaugg -my contact from HDM- approached me, smiling as usual, and introduced me to the group that's interested in Stop Motion Animation. After the formal introduction, he offered me to have a seat and I instantly became part of the discussion: ideas and concepts. Everyone, except one girl, were eager to develop a Science Fiction animation (AWESOME!!!!) I also shared an idea I have and coincidentially enough -if there is such a thing as coincidential- the guy doing all the talking smiles and reads to me the SAME idea from his notes. I'm getting excited, we are flowing in the same wavelenght. This is gonna be cool! And the one girl, from whom I sense rejection... well, it's just a matter of working the dough till it becomes softer. Don't resist, be like water. Flow and let flow. With patience, everything is softened by water, sooner or later...

And speaking of dough, last night I made empanadas with Joris -a very cool guy I met here. There was probably more flour on the floor and in our bodies than in the dough, but it was so much fun. The final product might have been not the "best empanadas" but the process of making them was awesome. Again, it's all about the process, the journey, the moment. The final product is more of a residue, what's left after all the hard work. If what you do is only a means to an end, then you are missing the most exciting part of it all. It's not where you get to, but how.

I'm thankful for each day, for each person that crosses my path. I'm thankful for change, for new experiences. I welcome opportunities and I create them where there seems to be none. I have learnt to listen and to smile; to forgive and to forget. I have discovered what joy really feels like and I can't ask for more, even when more might never seem enough or too much. I have learned to not fear and be free. I now know what LOVE looks, feels, sounds and breathes like. I know now what LOVE is... Don't ask for it. Give it and it will come. Feel it and it will fill you. Don't wait for it, because love is timeless. BE LOVE and you will BE FINE!

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