March 31, 2009

Back to the roots

Once again...
What's going on with my imagination?
Why am I hallucinating once again?
Why do I seem to get lost in my own fantasies?
Why do I interpret and idealize these kind of situations?
Why do I always fall in love with "the idea"?
Is it possible to stop thinking?
How do I find my center once again?
It happened so many times before, it's happening now again.
Do I not know how to read people?
Why is my ego so blown out of proportion?
Where did I leave the humbleness?
How do I go back to my roots?
How to get back to the wind, to the dust?
How do I stop seeing through these same old lenses?
How to find once again the purity?
All is perspective...
All is relative...
What is real?
Calm down woman,
calm down...
Let things be,
without analyzing each passing moment...
Let yourself be carried by the wind.
Be the particle that floats in the air,
be the water that flows.
Stop putting so many obstacles.
This is your life...
This is your reality...
Close your eyes and live free.
But don't be blinded by your own foolishness.
Find the way to return to innocence...

1 comment:

  1. En tus propias palabras encontraras todas las respuestas......solo el tiempo te permitira observarlas en su infinita grandeza.....
    La inocencia verdadera, unica, autentica, esa nunca se pierde....esta con nosotras a cada momento aun cuando querramos tapar su boca, para no escuchar lo que nos grita... y pretendemos acallarla con ruidos exteriores......