March 5, 2009

Ich lebe in Stuttgart (originally, my 1st post)

*I started writing this post on March 2nd. It still hasn't seen the light. I decided it was now time to publish it, even though it's old and is not finisihed.* (26.03.09)

So, here I AM.

Hier... yes. That is German for "here". So far I have taken 3 classes and I can already understand quite a bit. I guess that learning a 4th language is easier than what I imagined it would be. Maybe it's the necessity, maybe the eagerness to sprechen Deutsch, maybe my brain has expanded... whatever the reason might be, I'm learning a lot and I'm loving it!!!

So, let me summarize what has happened so far...
I arrived in Stuttgart on the 26th of February, didn't sleep at all on the plane and with the 6 hours difference between here and Toronto, I was quite a mess. I got picked up at the airport by a really cool German girl called Nina, who speaks perfect Spanish. She lived in Spain for a year so she has the sexy accent which makes her even cuter. We clicked instantly and it feels like I have known her forever.

We took the subway to the University campus, where I now live, and went straight to my room. It was quite exciting to finally get to see my new home for the next 6 months. My building houses 30 people and there are 12 students per floor. Each floor share a kitchen, bathroom and showers. My kitchen, compared to the ones I've seen, is disgustingly dirty. There have been dirty dishes since I got here and they seem to reproduce with each passing day... BUT, it will be a matter to getting used to it, of course. It's always a matter of adjusting and adapting...

After leaving my suitcases in my room, Nina and I went to the school so that I could see around. Fuck!! it's awesome! I'm here, I made it happen... Life is all about dreaming and taking the necessary steps to make those dreams come true. I did it, I'm here! I do not find the proper words, at this moment, to express EXACTLY what it is that I felt when I entered HDM or when I arrived to Stuttgart, or when I had lunch that same day with Jorge and Milan in the University cafeteria... Amazing is all I can say right now. Maybe I'll come back to it when I'm feeling more poetically inspired.

After lunch with Nina and the lovely gentlemen from Ryerson, I came back to my room, unpacked my stuff -still no sleep- and around 5pm left again. I found my way around campus -I truly admire my sense of orientation and how quick I actually find where I am and how to get where I want to go; I hopped on the subway and took myself to the airport, got on a plane and landed in Amsterdam. What a fucking fantastic city!!!


I arrived at Schiphol Airport around 8:30pm and got picked up by a lovely lady called Magali -my far away cousin. We drove to her parent's house, I met my family, had a strange but interesting dinner, talked a bit, mumbled a lot and I finally got in bed at 1am. I slept till 3 in the afternoon and then went for a walk with Magali. At 8pm, unexpectedly, the doorbell rings: Nahuel! YEAH, the sole reason why I went to Amsterdam without even fully arriving in Stuttgart. Oh so cool!! He, coming from Argentina. Me, coming from Canada. Us, meeting in the city of the coffee shops that don't sell coffee. The city of windows that sell beautiful women and infinite munching options. But Nahuel, didn't come alone. He actually brought along a girl called Paula, the cutest little thing... That night we were all too tired, so we decided to crash a neighbor's party -that wasn't much of a party- and then went to have a beer at the nearest pub. The following day was MASTERDAM day...

After getting up, having some mates and bread with cheese, we left the apartment and walked all the way to the city center. We made several stops -very necessary and spontaneous stops- and continued to get mesmerized by the beauty, the craziness, the HOT Europeans, the coffee shops and the many Argentinian restaurants we found on the way -we actually all got invited a round of drinks by the owner of one them. We then continued our walk, took many many pictures, visited the famous Bulldog coffee shop and when we started to encounter one sex shop after the other, we knew we had arrived... The famous Red District... Uff... if I was a man...

The whole day was splendid and the night got even better. After fantasizing with the pretty girls behind the glass doors, we went back to the apartment to have some dinner and get ready to go party. Nahuel cooked some lovely pasta and we all ate together on the floor, as the cook would say, "as a family". Then every one crashed. If it wasn't because of Stacey -Magali's friend- coming over drunk, we probably would have missed the night. But she came and took us out. Bless you Stacey! However, Paula didn't feel like going out and I wasn't going to try to convince her. So it was the rest of us who jumped on a cab, with a beer in one hand and a need for more Amsterdam in the other, and got dropped off at some sort of night district. It consisted of a central plaza and bars all around and in the adjacent streets. Lots of people coming and going, many of drunken teens, some fast food restaurants and dozens of inviting neon lights signs.

We first went to a bar that was pretty odd. Nahuel and I looked at each other in atonishment. "Really? No, I don't like it here" So we stayed for 5 minutes and walked out the door. It was terrible. But it's a natural law to always end where you start, so naturally, we ended up going back later on; except that after a couple of beers and more, it turned out to be quite a fun place.

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