March 14, 2009

I trully, trully LOVE this place!

Today I realized that I need to write a bit, at least, every other day. I have been working on the same post for over 10 days now, writing sporadically and of course it never gets published because I never catch up with the present moment -what a weird concept, eh? "CATCH UP WITH THE PRESENT" Is that even possible? So far I'm mostly living in the now, which feels amazing. I think it's directly related to the fact that I'm surrounded by nature, and even on my way to school, is impossible to ignore the trees, the birds chirping, the freshness in the air... These elements all keep me focus in the present. Once in a while, I drift away thinking either about boys or what would I need to do to actually stay here. And honestly I get quite irriteated when I think so much. But let's leave the fiction aside for now.

This afternoon I went for a run in the forest. There is a very particular feeling of freedom I feel every time I step in the woods. I feel alive and whole. I feel in harmony with the Universe and the peace within me arises and feels full. At a given point in time, I abandoned the man made trail and wondered around in between the trees. Breathe. Live. Life. Freedom. Wisdom. Courage. Peace. Breathe peace. Exhale light. No one else around, just me and nature. I touched a tree and looked up. Three woodpeckers where dancing with the wind, playfully. I looked at them play like children and I felt like a kid myself. No worries, no stress, no attachments... just a silent observer and the happiness of Being.

When my mind started to get lost in thoughts, I understood my journey for the moment had come to an end. I found my way back to the trail and got mad at myself for thinking too much about insignificant things. I forgave myself, for thinking too much and for being mad at myself and focused once again in my surroundings. This time I looked down to the trail. As I walked the path, I encounter many obstacles. Stones... water... mud... But in the same way we do in life, I kept walking. I might have gotten my socks wet or my shoes muddy, but I kept walking; always looking at the trail. As I did, slowly the yellow clay began to change its color. The big stones became smaller and step by step, the trail was clear of obstacles. I could now run again. By the time I got home, I realized how fun it had been to actually get to trip over big rocks, get my feet wet and my runners dirty as hell... In life, I feel the same way...

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